It’s no secret that the state of Wisconsin men are usually at a disadvantage from the get go. Even more daunting as if the man had any sort of affair or shady activity. But you may be surprised that even if you crossed all the I’s and dotted all the t’s but you still might have a long shot coming out on top. This is because her divorce lawyer has a few tricks up his sleeve. Lawyers in Milwaukee are well known for just a few of these tricks:

1) The opposing lawyer will try and play them and up as being cold and heartless. Furthermore, the judge will have a hard time seeing you as being anything but the spouse looking to get out of the situation. Be mindful of your emotional state. Do not get down on yourself or get depressed; maintaining a optimistic outlook is of the utmost importance. Going back to tactics her lawyer will use, the sympathy card. It is no surprise that her lawyer will try and convince her to play up how sad she is. Do not fall for this.

2) Keep track of all money. Any accounts in both your names, properties in your names, financial assets in both of your names, and credit cards containing access by both of you should be closed immediately. If you do not do this, her legal counsel will advise her to withdraw as much money as possible. By keeping track of all the money, you’re staying one step ahead of the game.

3) The big dagger for most men is the fact that they traditionally make more money than their wives. If this is the case for both you and your soon to be ex-wife, try and equalize your incomes. This plan involves somehow lowering your take home pay while at the same time increasing her wages. This is a tall task for the lesser man. To hedge against this potential nightmare, research companies and affirms that are able to put together reports on the how much your wife’s skills and hard work are assets in the local economy. The worst possible scenario is if your wife is a stay at home mom and you have not obtained these reports
This is by no means an end all, be all, and you still should seek proper help from a lawyer in Milwaukee. By doing so in addition to all of the information you had gathered yourself, you can hedge against even the fiercest divorce proceeding successfully.